What People are Saying About Us!

At Grimaldi Staffing, we pride ourselves in providing high touch services that benefit both Clients and Job Seekers. This approach is critical for us as we strive to build strong and long-lasting relationships with everyone we work with.


The recruiting team at Grimaldi Staffing Services helped to connect me with a company that is my perfect fit — based not only on my work experience, but also on my long-term goals. Elly attended to all of my questions and hesitations with respect and punctuality, and prepared me with all of the info that I needed to feel comfortable in interviews!”
Matthew Gill, Research Assistant
” I was very fortunate enough to have been introduced to Frank at Grimaldi Staffing a few years ago. He’s been one of the best recruiters I’ve personally worked with. He provides valuable and timely feedback, and has exceptional follow up skills. He’s one of the very few people I know that truly values the relationships between his network and clients, he genuinely cares, and takes the time to learn about you and finding absolute the perfect fit all around.”
Christina L., Admin
“Elly has been the most wonderful recruiting professional who helped me to find one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. As much as I was excited about the opportunity, given that it was a little far off from my home, I was apprehensive about making arrangements for childcare. Elly went above and beyond to provide me with my local college career center contact where I could actually find college students to help me at home with my kids so I could focus on my job! This is what I call full service. She also prepared me very well for the interviews and kept me updated throughout the process. I was also pleasantly surprised by the beautiful bouquet she sent me at work to welcome me. I got to work with the best colleagues I could ever have and within a few months was converted to a full time permanent Director and Privacy Officer. Thanks Elly for all your help and I highly recommend her service to everyone.”
Priya Ray, Quality Professional
” I worked with Grimaldi Staffing services in moving into a new position. Elly was extremely helpful and honest about the company being reviewed for potential employment. I had a lot of questions, some of them very challenging to respond to. With her close contact to the hiring company, she was able to provide a lot more insight into the company than your average recruiter as well as to negotiate fairly with the company on salary/benefits.  My initial response was not to consider strongly the position, but because of her provision of key additional information, I changed my mind and took the job. I have no regrets for that decision as it turned out to be a good one, thanks to some good discussion.”
Mike Johnston, Regulatory Affairs
“I had the pleasure of working with Frank when he contacted me about an open position at a local biotech/pharmaceutical company in San Francisco. He connected the employer and I because he used his professional experience and judgment to determine that I would be a great fit for the position and he was absolutely right. He facilitated the whole process from introduction, interview, to hiring with great care and professionalism. He has the ability to communicate information to his clients clearly and efficiently. He is highly knowledgeable and was able to provide insightful answers to all of my questions. He is friendly and very easy to work with. I highly recommend Frank’s expertise in recruitment/staffing for any employer/employee looking to get connected in the Bay Area.”
Jun Ma, PhD Scientist
“From our first meeting Elly demonstrated that she is very knowledgeable of the market. I found Elly to be extremely professional and to have my best interests at heart. She understands the importance of not only finding an opportunity that fits my skill set but equally important to find work culture that fits as well. Elly was very transparent when discussing opportunities she provided me with excellent support and guidance throughout the entire process.”
Rose Lopez, EA & Office Manager
Frank is one of the best recruiters I have ever met. Whenever I interacted with him, I always felt like he really cared about finding a great match for not only the company, but for me as well. He was very easy to talk to and always prompt in his responses. I love my new job and I have Frank to thank!
Eimi Taormina, Assitant Lab Manager
After working for Grimaldi Staffing Services for the past year and a half as a part time consultant, I have developed a good understanding on the workings of the company and for Elly, Frank, and the rest for the Grimaldi staff. The first thing noticed about them is that they are genuinely vested in all of their clients and clientele and want what is best for both parties. They treat all who use their services with respect, honesty and integrity.
Logan Davis-Wallace
I have been extremely pleased with the service provided by Grimaldi Staffing Services.
You have walked through the entire interview/hiring process with me and provided valuable feedback at the right time. Grimaldi Staffing Services has made the entire process smooth and realistic coming from a recent M.S. Graduate student point of view thus, being my first time job searching
Alejandro Alcantar, Firmware Engineer


“Elly and her staff have really helped Sunesis hire top talent in the recent years.  In addition to finding quality candidates, Elly is able to communicate the vision, culture and upside to the portfolio that to ensure our company is seen by the candidate as a compelling place to consider for a career.”
Dan Swisher, CEO and President, Sunesis Pharmaceuticals
“I really value working with Grimaldi Staffing.  They have a knack for finding high caliber candidates to fill difficult and challenging positions.  The team is very knowledgeable, efficient, resourceful and responsive.  They keep you well informed throughout the recruiting process.  Without any pause, Grimaldi Staffing is my go to resource for hiring needs.”
Phyllis Loud Gray, Sr. Director, Human Resources
“I have worked with Elly to identify several key positions on my clinical operations team.  The candidates that were sent to me were well vetted and exactly the kind of individuals I was looking for.  This staffing service is unlike many of the other services who tend to just send any old “warm body” your way, and then charge a very high recruitment fee.  Elly was very thoughtful, spent a lot of time asking me key questions in order to identify and send me only the best qualified candidates.  I also think that the candidates like her because she is honest and straightforward.  Elly has become my only “go to” for all my staffing needs.”
Laura K., Sr. Director, Clinical Operations at Annexon