The phrase “managing your boss” might sound like an oxymoron, but it is definitely an integral part of your job as an assistant. As a great assistant, you want to be sure that the scheduling of meetings, appointments and tasks not only makes sense, but is efficient enough for your boss to accomplish quality work. More importantly, believe it or not, your boss relies on you to keep the machine running! Here are six tips of effectively managing your exec’s calendar :


  1. Know his/her working style. Does he/she prefer back to back meetings? Fifteen minutes in between each appointment? Is he/she a morning person, or does he/she prefer meetings after lunch? Knowing preferences will not only make your job easier, you will begin to create a good working relationship, that actually does “work” for the both of you.
  2. Confirm meeting with other attendees beforehand. Things happen. Plans change. This is common in the industry, however, be sure you KNOW about these things BEFORE your boss shows up or calls in to a meeting that won’t happen. Reduce a waste of your executive’s time and make sure the meeting is still a go.
  3. Make sure all scheduling flows through YOU first. Be the gatekeeper and enforce this rule for everyone in and outside the office! Scheduling can get hectic if your boss is adding things to the calendar you aren’t aware of, or someone sends an invite that isn’t available.
  4. Get things on the calendar as soon as you can. We can’t stress this one enough! Even if the meeting hasn’t been set in stone, Use “holds” when the scheduling is in progress, but not confirmed. This will prevent you from over-promising or double booking because it “looks” free.
  5. Review the next two weeks at the beginning of each week. Being proactive and looking ahead is such a big help for both you and your executive. You can see what’s to come and determine how to move forward with new requests. Should things be shifted? Any cancelled meetings still lingering? Is he/she double booked? Is there reasonable down time during the week? Review it. Then review it AGAIN.
  6. Synchronize across all devices! Is your executive tech-savvy and always switching between devices? If so, make sure his/her laptop, phone, desktop, ipad, etc all reflect the same calendar. It’s easier to have access on the go, but only if it’s constantly updated and synced!


So, go forth and manage your boss like a…well, BOSS!


P.s. — if you are an executive, feel free to share this with your assistant!

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